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Conteg :: Content Negotiation PHP Class :: v0.13.8 released

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Alex Kemp
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Joined: 30 Jun 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:08 am    Post subject: Conteg :: Content Negotiation PHP Class :: v0.13.8 released Reply with quote

With prompting from oriceon, the average-load functions have been re-written to try to handle the situation for some people where the presence of a "base_opendir" in 'php.ini'--which possibly they cannot alter--causes yet more notices/warnings. The addition of an `@' prefix to the relevant commands will cause the warning to go away (but the command may still fail) (lines 2122-2170). If you find that compression remains at level-3 at all times--it is supposed to be load-balanced, and should therefore vary between 0 => 9 according to system load--that means that all three attempts to find the system load are failing, and it is falling back on the Class default of `3'.

I was going to write a `debug()' routine for this, but it did not seem to be worth the effort. The Class-define `_GZIP_ENCODE_LEVEL' is set to the value of the compression level, so that can be used to discover it for yourself.

Methods to find system load for other OS`s are welcomed.

This is the Change Log:
 *  Change Log:
 *    0.13.8:  _loadAvgUnix() added, _loadAvgBSD(), _loadAvgLinux() +     17 Apr 09
 *+            getCompLevel() rewritten (thanks oriceon).
 *    0.13.7:  $browserVersion bugfix for Safari within _initRequest();   07 Mar 08
 *+            _initResponse() bugfixes: prevent PHP Notices (empty
 *+            Encodings or Charsets).
 *    0.13.6:  Added `use_last_modified' to Constructor parameter, for    02 Nov 07
 *+            those rare occasions where a 304 must NOT be sent, plus
 *+            `use_expires' to be consistent.
 *    0.13.5:  Bugfix: use of `Vary:' header made compliant; added        08 Oct 07
 *+            $_noUserAgent, $_noVary + setup() parameters 'use_user_agent'
 *+            'use_vary' (both TRUE by default).
 *    0.13.4:  Bugfix: _initRequest() for non-std Q-values                07 Sep 07
 *    0.13.3:  Bugfix: removed duplicate $if_match declaration; added     07 Jul 07
 *+            $file + $line to headers_sent() for better bug-catching.
 *    0.13.2:  Bugfixes to charsetAccepted() + mediaTypeAccepted()        30 Apr 07
 *    0.13.1:  Added 'cpu_number' to Constructor parameter ($_num_cpu)    05 Mar 07
 *+            bugfix for $referer (['uri'] not included in array)
 *    0.13:    Added $referer, getReferer(), '404_to_410', $_no410,       18 Feb 07
 *+            'http_status', $_httpStatus, 'msie_error_fix',
 *+            $_noMSErrorFix + sendStatusHeader() bugfix.
 *             See also
 *    0.12.3:  Bugfix for 'expiry' (was always 1 hr) (thank you Bob).     04 Oct 06
 *    0.12.2:  Added $_num_cpu for SMP boxes (like mine!).                18 Aug 06
 *    0.12.1:  Added sendStatusHeader() + 404 responses (used to create   02 Ju1 06
 *+            custom Error-pages).
 *    0.12:    Added requestNoCache(), requestNoStore(),                  04 Jun 06
 *+            $_cache_control_response + $_cache_control_request arrays.
 *    0.11:    BugFix in _initResponse() [INM not tripped but IMS is];    13 Mar 06
 *+            'other_var' added to setup() (ref: weak eTags) (bugfix).   23 Feb 06
 *    0.10:    Gzip_encode rewritten; Request + Response headers added.   25 Aug 05
 *             Browser detect added to negotiateEncoding() to fix blanks. 09 Sep 05
 *             Content-Negotiation completed for compression-Encoding.    16 Sep 05

Alex Kemp
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