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3.06.04_3C GPL files for DSL-2540U (& others) uplifted

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Alex Kemp
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:02 pm    Post subject: 3.06.04_3C GPL files for DSL-2540U (& others) uplifted Reply with quote

A r3.06.04_3C Russian GPL file has been uploaded for the DSL-2540U. This file comes from the D-Link Russian FTP site. It has been customised by ASUS on behalf of D-Link as their customer.

These are the D-Link models affected + download links where known:
DSL-2520U, DSL-2300U, DSL-2500U (target: D-1P)
Unknown model (target: D-1P-16M)
DSL-2540U (target: D-4P)
Unknown model (target: D-4P-16M)
Unknown model (target: D-1P-W)
DSL-2640U (target: D-4P-W)
Unknown model (target: D-1P-3P-W)

These are the targets for compilation (see `shared/opensource/boardparms/bcm963xx/boardparms.c'); consult the Board ID (Status page) on your router to find whether this file contains targets that can be used for your model:
BCM96338 boards (D-Link):
    R4P <<< comment says "CHT 6338 4 port"
    R <<< comment says (ASUS) "6338 usb combo"
    R4P-4M-16M <<< comment says (ASUS) "6338 4 port 4_16 hw"
    R-4M-16M <<< comment says (ASUS) "6338 usb combo. 4_16 hw"
    R4P_SE560 <<< comment says "SIEMENS SE560 4 port"
    R2P-4M-16M <<< comment says (ASUS) "6338 2 port 4_16 hw"
    D-1P <<< comment says "D-Link 1 port USB"
    D-1P <<< comment says "D-Link 1 port USB"
    D-1P <<< comment says "D-Link 1 port USB"
    D-1P-16M <<< comment says "D-Link 1 port 16MB SDRAM"
    D-4P <<< comment says "D-Link 4 port"
    D-4P-16M <<< comment says "D-Link 4 port 16MB SDRAM"
    R4P_68 <<< comment says (ASUS) "6338 4PORT with TR068LED with 8M SDRAM"
    R4P_68_16M <<< comment says (ASUS) "6338 4PORT with TR068LED with 16M SDRAM"
BCM96348 boards:BCM96358 boards:

The .tar.gz contains 4 files:
  2. RU_DSL-2540U_3-06-04-3C_consumer.tar.gz
  3. consumer_install
  4. RU_DSL-2540U_3-06-04-3C_uclibc_crosstools_3.4.2_0.9.27.tar.gz

Note that the X-Tools require GCC 3.4.2.

This is the README (notice the deliberate mistake) (?):
RU_DSL-2540U Open Source Release

This release contains all of the files needed to build a RU_DSL-2540U image.
To build an image, please follow the below process:

1. System Request:
Redhat Linux 9.0

2. All operations should be performed as the "root" user

3. Install tools and source code

4. Build image:
# cd RU_DSL-2540U_3-06-04-3C
# make PROFILE=RU_DSL-2640U

The final image is located in the targets/RU_DSL-2540U subdirectory.
Specify this image in the RU_DSL-2540U Web interface image upgrade
item in order to upgrade the device image.

The makefile is located at the root of the consumer.tar.gz together with a `version.make'. Here is the version.make:

The `targets' directory contains a `RU_DSL-2540U' sub-dir with a `RU_DSL-2540U' file marked "Automatically generated by make menuconfig: don't edit". The file contains a number of interesting lines:
# ASUS Target Customer
# ASUS Check Firmware Model Name (FW will can not upgrade if model name is different)

There are other GPL files from D-Link Russia for other models which will--eventually--be made available on the D-Link Download pages on this site. There are also later versions of this same GPL file; those versions contain a different mix of Board-targets, some the same & some different.
Alex Kemp
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